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Tarco is one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of residential roofing products and commercial roofing products in North America. A major producer of underlayments since 1978, Tarco offers traditional roll roofing as well as premium LeakBarrier® underlayments and other roofing materials. You can depend on Tarco for superior value, exceptional customer service and convenient on-time delivery.

Tarco offers traditional roll roofing as well as premium LeakBarrier® underlayments and other roofing materials such as Ice & Water Armor, Asphalt Saturated Organic Felts, Door & Window Tape, EasyStick Plus self-adhering cap sheet, EasyTorch APP membranes and ValleyFlash. Whether your primary roof will be shingle, tile, metal or membrane, Tarco makes a product that has been specially engineered and optimized for easy installation and superior performance.

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Since the sixties, “engineered polymers” have become a cornerstone of modern technology. “Synthetic underlayment” is made from polymers that are engineered and optimized for use as roofing underlayment.

The polymer is only the beginning. It is typically procured from a company that specializes in the production of engineered polymers. Engineered polymers are then delivered to the underlayment factory in the form of plastic pellets, which are fabricated into synthetic underlayment products.

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There is more to scrim than meets the eye.

The scrim is woven from polypropylene threads or filaments. Scrims are used in everyday life to bag oranges, grapefruits and onions in the food processing industry. One can see them at local grocery stores or in the refrigerator.

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The roofing industry initially was reluctant to adopt the new synthetics. By way of comparison, the industry literally had decades of experience with modified bitumen. As a result, residential roofing contractors were eager to adopt the premium self-adhering underlayment and these were readily accepted by the industry as a premium underlayment.

For residential roofing, it has been argued that the underlayment need only shed water because of the steep slopes of the roof. And furthermore, the primary roof (whether shingle, tile, metal or other material) protects the underlying material from ultraviolet radiation.

Such arguments led to the idea of using an extremely thin layer of plastic as an underlayment. But experience with the synthetics was lacking. Synthetic underlayment gained notoriety as being unsafe because the sheets would become slippery when wet. Especially the early versions were deemed unsafe and hence many contractors preferred to use familiar materials.

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