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Tarco is one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of residential roofing products and commercial roofing products in North America. A major producer of underlayments since 1978, Tarco offers traditional roll roofing as well as premium LeakBarrier® underlayments and other roofing materials. You can depend on Tarco for superior value, exceptional customer service and convenient on-time delivery.

Tarco offers traditional roll roofing as well as premium LeakBarrier® underlayments and other roofing materials such as Ice & Water Armor, Asphalt Saturated Organic Felts, Door & Window Tape, EasyStick Plus self-adhering cap sheet, EasyTorch APP membranes and ValleyFlash. Whether your primary roof will be shingle, tile, metal or membrane, Tarco makes a product that has been specially engineered and optimized for easy installation and superior performance.

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Since the sixties, “engineered polymers” have become a cornerstone of modern technology. “Synthetic underlayment” is made from polymers that are engineered and optimized for use as roofing underlayment.

The polymer is only the beginning. It is typically procured from a company that specializes in the production of engineered polymers. Engineered polymers are then delivered to the underlayment factory in the form of plastic pellets, which are fabricated into synthetic underlayment products.

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The physical properties of synthetics are essentially those of the polymers from which they are made. The king of the polymers is polyethylene, or PE. It is produced in the highest volume globally and its production (or consumption!) is considered a measure of industrial growth.

The second most common polymer in the world is polypropylene, or PP. According to a report from GBI Research, the global PP market is predicted to reach 62.4 million metric tons by 2020. In terms of end-use consumption, construction currently accounts for 5 percent of the PP market.

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Synthetic underlayment products are frequently characterized in terms of weight or, more precisely, areal weight, so it's worthwhile to examine what exactly is meant by the “weight per unit area”.

The units for areal weight are typically given as grams per square meter (GSM). Areal weight is easy-to-measure and meaningful. It describes the amount of polymer in the underlayment, allowing synthetic underlayment products to be compared to each other and also to other types of underlayments.

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