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Tarco products are approved by various code bodies and jurisdisctions.  Below are links to code body websites, Tarco product approvals and test reports. 

Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC)
» CCMC website
» Approval - MS300 

Florida Building Code (FBC)
» FBC website
» Approval - EasySystem (EasyStick Plus, EasyBase); Test Report 
» Approval - EasyTorch APP (Smooth, Granular); Test Report'
» Approval - Underlayments (Felt, EasyLay, MSR, Fast90, MS300, SS400, PS200HT, PS200MU, NR500HT,EasyMop SBS); Test Report  a

» Approval - Synthetic Underlayments (EasyLay UDL 15, EasyLay UDL Basic, EasyLay UDL 50); Test Report
International Code Council (ICC)
» ICC website
» Approval - EasyLay
» Approval - Underlayments (MS300, PS200HT, PS200MU)
» Approval - EasySystem

Miami-Dade County (Florida) Building Code Compliance (Miami-Dade)
» Miami-Dade website
»  Approval - EastTorch APP
» Approval - EasySystem over Wood decks (EasyStick Plus, EasyBase)
» Approval - EasySystem over Recover decks (EasyStick Plus, EasyBase)
» Approval - Underlayments (ASTM Organic Tile Underayment, Felt, EasyLay, EasyMop SBS, Fast90, Fiberglass MSR, MS300, SS400, PS200HT, PS200MU, NR500HT)

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)
» TDI website
» Approval - EasySystem (EasyStick Plus, EasyBase)

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
» UL website
» Approval - EasyMop SBS Cap
Approval - EasySystem FR System (EasyStick Plus, EasyBase)
» Approval - Underlayments (ValleyFlash, MultiPurpose Underlayment, EasyLay, MS300, SS400, PS200HT, PS200MU)
» Approval - Organic Tile Underlayment, Fast90



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