Tarco today announced that the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office has issued a Product Control Notice of Acceptance (NOA Number 06-1101.09) for LeakBarrier Fast90 Tile Underlayment.

Patent pending Fast90 is a high strength, organic, mineral-surfaced, self-adhering tile underlayment. It performs like a traditional 90# hot-mopped system but offers many important advantages with regard to installation, performance and cost. The ease of application and labor savings offered by Fast90 are of special interest to roofing contractors in Florida.

Earlier Approval by Florida Building Commission

Fast90 was previously approved by the Florida Building Commission (FBC Approval FL 3732) and has been used with great success for nearly two years all over Florida, with the exception of Miami-Dade County. Now Fast90 meets the stringent product code requirements of Miami-Dade County as well.

Versatile Product Features

Fast90 is named after the fact that it is based on the same 90# roll that contractors are familiar with and have used successfully for decades. Everything is the same except that Fast90 has an aggressive peel-and-stick coating formulation on the bottom side, for ease of application and to save time and money for the end-user.

The weight of a roll of Fast90 (85 lbs, nominal weight) is very much the same as that of the traditional roofing membranes, which contractors are accustomed to handling; by comparison, competitor self-adhering tile underlayment materials are lighter (typically about 70 lbs) and therefore handle differently. In fact, the latter have totally different configurations, including different compounds, such as APP and SBS; different carriers, such as polyester and fiberglass; and different surfacings, such as fabrics and films.

Fast90 has two unique compounds on opposite sides of the reinforcing core. The asphalt-saturated organic felt core is sandwiched between a self-adhesive modified bituminous coating on the bottom side and a high grade weathering asphalt and ceramic granules on the topside. The latter protects the membrane from UV weathering and physical damage. The self-adhesive coating comprising asphalt and styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) elastomers makes the bottom side tacky.

Fast90 has a 4-inch wide selvage that is well defined and clean, i.e., without any granule contamination. This selvage consists of a full coat of the same peel & stick compound that is applied to the bottom side of the sheet. Direct adhesion of 'peel & stick coating on the back side' to 'peel & stick coating on the selvage' yields an instant watertight lap, which has a bond strength at least five times stronger than that of competitive materials. Moreover, the side laps are specially reinforced to provide additional strength and tenacity. When tiles are loaded and left in a staged condition on rooftops prior to actual installation of the tiles, the reinforcement of the side lap prevents tiles from tearing through the sheet, and eventually sliding down.

The granulated asphalt-coated topside is strong and tough enough to withstand the weight and stress of stacked tiles. For example, high-profile tiles can be stacked 10-high with no adverse effect, which saves time for the installer in addition to using less rooftop space. The skid-proof surfacing features excellent granule adhesion and granule coverage, which results in good traction and walkability. Also the aesthetically attractive 'cedar blend' granule color helps keep the roof surface cool.

Another key feature of the tile underlayment is the integrity of its granular surfacing. Film and fabric surfacings frequently show signs of deterioration and could delaminate from the topside compound within a few months, when left exposed to the elements. The granules of Fast90 offer exceptional UV resistance, do not undergo degradation, and could last for many years, even when exposed to the elements.

Fast90 sheet is pliable and easy to handle. The organic felt core helps the sheet lay flat, without any wrinkles, after installation.

Fast90 underlayment has no slope limitation. Tiles can be installed on roofs with slopes up to 6:12, without the need for battens.

Fast90 is sold in rolls of dimension 36 inches wide by 36 feet long. With a nominal area of 108 square feet, each roll provides coverage of one square (100 square feet).

Allows For Long Exposure

Roofing contractors experiencing delays in the delivery of tiles are eager to adopt Fast90 because it withstands long periods of exposure with little or no degradation. When tiles are compromised by wind or moisture, the underlayment must protect the building until the roofing system can be repaired. As happens so often during and following a severe hurricane season, replacement materials and installers are both in short supply; so the underlayment may have to serve as the primary roof barrier for several weeks or months. Fast90 is the only product with an indefinite exposure time, except where limited by Building Code (180 days exposure in Miami-Dade County).

Superior Performance from Top to Bottom

Contractors enjoy a clean, easy-to-handle, self-adhering application using Fast90. There are no fumes during product installation; odors that would otherwise be caused by adhesives or hot asphalt are eliminated.

Another feature of Fast90 that contractors like is its versatility. Fast90 is suitable for use with foam set, mud on, direct nail, screw or batten tile installations. It can be adhered to a variety of substrates, including traditional 30# felt as well as Tarco's innovative asphalt saturated polyester underlayment, EasyLayTM.

Labor Savings from Ease of Installation

The peel & stick feature translates to significant labor savings compared to traditional 90# hot-mopped applications. Application involves simply peeling the release film and rolling out the membrane. No special tools are needed and no fumes or odors are released from torches, hot asphalt, or volatile adhesives. Fast90 eliminates the need for hot kettles, torches or cold-adhesives, thereby reducing labor and insurance costs. It saves time and money, and is environmentally friendly.

Labor and overhead cost savings are substantial because no hot mopping is required. Installation times for Fast90 are typically 30-40% quicker compared to hot mopping applications. Some contractors report labor savings of more than 60%; for example, by reducing the labor force from five men working eight hours (40 man-hours) to two men working eight hours (16 man-hours) for the installation of 50 squares of Fast90 underlayment.

20 Year Limited System Warranty

Twenty (20) year limited system warranty is available for applications utilizing Fast90 in combination with Tarco's EasyLay high performance asphalt saturated polyester underlayment.

Roofer Reports

Several Florida contractors have already used Fast90 with superb results. Mike Solomon, President of Always Roofing, Lake Worth Florida, was one of the first contractors to adopt this new technology. He successfully used Fast90 to protect new construction during long delays in tile deliveries. A home that was covered with Fast90, pending tile delivery, survived the fury of Hurricane Wilma, which devastated the Palm Beach area in October 2005. "Unless I had my tiles already delivered on site and ready to install, I wouldn't think of using anything but Fast90," says Solomon. "My crews are finding that it is easy to install. It handles the weight of stacked tiles well and the mineral surface provides good traction."

Another Florida roofer with Fast90 experience is Paul Bange, President, Paul Bange Roofing, Davie, Florida. According to Bange, "Fast90 has all of the benefits of 90# mat with none of the drawbacks. We finally hit on the magic mat, which could offer labor savings without cutting corners on quality, and also allow for long exposure while the underlayment serves as an interim primary roof. In addition, Fast90 is tough enough to allow for stacking of tiles, which is another labor saving benefit. I am confident enough in Fast90 to use if for all of my tile roofing underlayment needs going forward. I like that it performs even better than 90# but is easier to install."

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