Self-Adhering Quick Roll Shingle Starter

Self Adhering Quick Roll Shingle StarterLeakBarrier Self-adhering Quick Roll Shingle Starter is a fiberglass reinforced asphalt coated roll shingle starter course surfaced with ceramic granules to protect against UV, weathering and physical damage, with a self-adhering compound of a high tack SBS modified asphalt protected by a release film on the bottom side for easy installation.


LeakBarrier Quick Roll Shingle Starter products are designed to ensure proper shingle alignment when applied to rakes and eaves prior to shingle installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to handle 7" roll
  • Factory controlled characteristics
  • Pre-cut design reduces labor cost and waste
  • Seal tab provides protection from wind uplift
  • Quicker application pace
  • Excludes the need for field cutting of three tab or roll roofing products
  • Ensures the first course of shingles is started correctly


  • Deck must be clean, dry and free of voids.
  • For re-roofing applications, all old roofing and other loose materials must be removed. Do not install directly on old roof coverings.


  • Application should be made when ambient temperatures are 50°F or higher
  • Position the Self-Adhering Quick Roll Shingle Starter beginning at the lowest corner of the roof where the rake and eave intersect. Align Self-Adhering Quick Roll Shingle Starter so that it is parallel with the edge of the eave and extends over the eave and rake approximately 3/8" with the granular surface up and the seal tab nearest the eave.

  • Carefully remove the release film from the back of the roll and apply while pressing firmly into place for good adhesion.
  • Apply shingles per shingle manufacturer's application instructions.


Property  Typical Values Reference Test
Mass of Felt 1.20 lbs./100 ft2 ASTM D3909
Pliability @ 77°F Pass ASTM D228
Adhesion to Plywood @ 75°F 30 lbf/ft. of width ASTM D1970
Adhesion to Plywood @ 40°F 18 lbf/ft. of width ASTM D1970

Product Data

Roll Dimensions 7" x 33.4'
Coverage 33.4 Linear Feet
Weight (lbs) 7.5


LeakBarrier Self-Adhering Quick Roll Shingle Starter product is warranted to be free from manufacturer's defects.

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