Fast90 Self-Adhering Tile Underlayment

Fast 90 Self Adhering Tile UnderlaymentLeakBarrier Fast90 Self-Adhering Tile Underlayment consists of a premium quality organic mat, impregnated with asphalt saturant, then coated with a high-grade weathering asphalt and surfaced with ceramic granules to protect against UV, weathering and physical damage. It has a self-adhering compound on the bottom side and on the side lap, utilizing a highly adhesive SBS modified asphalt protected by a split-back release liner for easy installation.


LeakBarrier Fast90 Self-Adhering Tile Underlayment is an excellent high strength underlayment designed for use in all slate and tile roofing applications utilizing mechanical or adhesive set attachment.

Features and Benefits

  • Patent pending innovative triple compound technology.
  • Performs like a traditional 90# hot-mopped system.
  • Clean, easy to handle peel and stick self-adhering application.
  • No fumes during application, eliminating odors caused by adhesives and hot asphalt.
  • Quicker installation than conventional applications allowing substantial labor savings.
  • Use with foam set, mud on, direct nail, screw or batten tile installation.
  • Can be left exposed for extended time periods – granular surface provides superior UV resistance and prevents deterioration.
  • Aesthetically attractive granular surface keeps roof surface cool and offers excellent walkability and slip resistance.
  • Well defined, reinforced 4 inch peel and stick side lap.
  • Peel and stick selvage results in instant, water tight lap bond (5X of competitor products).
  • Meets and/or exceeds the applicable sections of ASTM D6380 and ASTM D1970.
  • Florida Building Code Approval FL 10450-R1.
  • Miami-Dade County Approval NOA No. 09-0824.06.
  • UL Prepared Roofing Accessory File No. R13228.
  • 20 Year Limited System Warranty.

Available Colors

  • Greyish Green


  • Fast90 rolls must be stored indoors, in a dry location.
  • Rolls must be stored on end only. Do not store in a leaning position.
  • The rolls must be protected from the elements. Do not expose rolls to direct sunlight.
  • Store rolls at room temperatures. Prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures may reduce the adhesive characteristics of the membrane.

General Precautions

  • Install Fast90 only when material interface temperatures (air, deck, material) are 40° F and rising.
  • Do not install when any form of moisture such as water, ice, snow, dew, rain, etc. is present.
  • Ensure roof has positive drainage prior to installation.
  • Proper ventilation is critical. When applying over the entire roof deck, the roofing system must provide sufficient ventilation, including both ridge and soffit venting.
  • Ensure such application is in strict compliance with applicable building codes.
  • After installation of Fast90, wait a minimum of 24 hours before roof loading of tiles.
  • All tiles shall be staged (two tiles perpendicular to slope, four tiles on top parallel to slope), not to exceed 6-high. When installing flat tiles and lugged tiles above 6:12 roof pitch, Fast90 shall be installed behind a nominal 1” x 2” horizontal batten.
  • Fast90 can be directly adhered to wood decks.
  • A full, irreversible adhesion is achieved when the underlayment goes through a complete heat cycle. Do not attempt to remove the underlayment immediately after adhesion to the substrate.
  • Use of a hand-held “hot air gun” helps in enhancing adhesion during application of underlayment in cooler weather.
  • Failure to follow the application guidelines may lead to insufficient adhesion, fishmouths, ridges, etc.
  • Fast90 can be left exposed for extended periods of time, except where limited by building codes (180 days in Dade County).

Surface Preparation

  • Surface must be clean, dry, and without voids that may interfere with adhesion.
  • For re-roofing, all old roofing and other loose materials must be removed prior to installation.
  • Acceptable substrates for adhesion of LeakBarrier membranes can be found at the Tarco website.
  • For best results when adhering to a wood deck, surface may be primed with an ASTM D 41 Primer prior to installation of Fast90. When primer is used, ensure the primer is fully dry prior to application of Fast90.


  • Allow Fast90 to relax prior to application.
  • Cut Fast90 in lengths of 12' to 16'.
  • Chalk a plumb line 36" from all outside perimeters; then proceed to chalk plumb lines 32" apart to the peak of the roof.
  • Place a full width piece of Fast90 on the substrate, parallel to the eave (low) edge of the roof.
  • Place the selvedge edge (side lap) on the up side of the roof, fold back the sheet, and remove the exposed release film, taking care not to displace the membrane.
  • Working from the center out, roll the membrane onto the substrate, taking care to avoid wrinkles and ridges. Fast90 must be set straight. Repeat this process for the remaining half of the sheet.
  • Install capped or tin tagged nails 6" on center in middle of the selvedge edge (side lap), or fasten according to applicable Building Codes.
  • Install the subsequent sheet in the same manner, with 4" side laps and 8" end laps.
  • Apply full roll width, a 1/16" thick layer of asphalt plastic cement to the surface of the first course in the 8" end lap area before adhering the next course.
  • Stagger the end laps a minimum 3' from the preceding course.
  • Roll the entire membrane surface, paying special attention to side laps, end laps and T-joints. Roller weight shall be 70 lb. minimum for low slope (≤2:12 pitch) and 28 lb. minimum for steep slope (>2:12 pitch).


Property Typical Values: Reference Test
Mass of Dry Felt 9 lbs. 100 ft.² ASTM D228
Pliability @ 77°F Pass ASTM D228
Adhesion to Plywood @ 40°F 2 lbs/ft. of width ASTM D1970
Adhesion to Plywood @ 75°F 20 lbs/ft. of width ASTM D1970
Adhesion to No. 30 Felt @ 75°F 20 lbs/ft. of width ASTM D1970
Lap Strength 60 lbf/in. ASTM D3019
Granule Adhesion 0.5 g. loss ASTM D4977
Thermal Stability, max 0.1 inch ASTM D1970
Slip Resistance Pass ASTM D1970

Product Data

Width 36 in.
Length 36 ft.
Thickness 100 mil (nominal)
Gross Coverage 108 sq. ft.
Weight 75 lbs. (nominal)


Tarco Specialty Products, Inc. offers a 20 Year Limited System Warranty.

"I am confident enough in Fast90 to use it for all of my tile roofing underlayment needs going forward. I like that it performs even better than 90# but its easier to install."

- Paul Bange, Paul Bange Roofing, Inc.

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