Supply Chain Disruptions Are Driving Price Increases

Inventories Depleted as Boom Follows Bust

Across the board, prices of building materials have been skyrocketing for the past few months. Distributors are reporting that increases of five to ten percent on building materials are typical for nearly every manufacturer. An increase of less than five percent is an exception while many product lines have seen a whopping 15 percent increase or even more!

However, these price increases are out of line with the inflation rate. Figure 1 shows the inflation rate was less than one percent in the United States in 2020. So, if inflation is not driving up the prices of building materials, what is causing it then?

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What Color is Your Roof?

How to Capitalize on Colored Self-Adhered Cap Sheets in Residential Roofing

The EasyStick Plus self-adhering cap sheet is designed for use in low-slope and steep-slope roofing systems. That includes residential and light commercial, institutional and industrial applications of all shapes and sizes.

Ever since EasyStick Plus was added to the TARCO LeakBarrier® product line, nearly two decades ago, roofing contractors have valued the value proposition it offers—high quality coupled with effective cost.

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Upheavals in the World of Underlayments: Two Decades of Change

Building products distributors are keenly aware that the roofing underlayment industry has undergone tremendous economic upheavals in the new millennium. For more than a century, asphalt-saturated organic felts dominated as the de facto standard for residential roofing. That is certainly no longer the case!

Today, by some estimates, more than 75 percent of the underlayment market share has been captured by synthetics and premium modified bitumen membranes, especially for use under tile and metal roofing.

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Mastering the Premium Underlayment Upsell

Distributors have the choice of three broad categories of roofing underlayments to offer to their customer base: Asphalt saturated roofing felt; Synthetic underlayments; and Modified bitumen membranes.

Typically, contractors choose the type of underlayments based on various factors such as, job requirements, performance criteria, building code requisites, and roofing system specifications as well as cost and familiarity with the product. For a long time, asphalt saturated roofing felt was the primary underlayment material that was used. In the last thirty years, we have witnessed the introduction of premium modified bitumen based underlayments followed by the advent of polymeric sheets, also known as synthetic underlayments.

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Tarco Announces Manufacturing Capability Enhancement

Euroline High-Speed Equipment Will Produce Carrier and Non-carrier Bituminous Roofing Membranes

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS – Tarco today announced plans to establish a new bituminous roofing membrane manufacturing line in Belton, Texas. The new high-speed, highly-automated manufacturing equipment will greatly increase the current production capabilities.

Tarco recently awarded an order for the supply of a High-speed Combination Production Line to Euroline srl, a leading company offering manufacturing machinery and plants for the production of modified bituminous membranes.


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