Engineered Polymers

Since the sixties, “engineered polymers” have become a cornerstone of modern technology. “Synthetic underlayment” is made from polymers that are engineered and optimized for use as roofing underlayment.

The polymer is only the beginning. It is typically procured from a company that specializes in the production of engineered polymers. Engineered polymers are then delivered to the underlayment factory in the form of plastic pellets, which are fabricated into synthetic underlayment products.

Ideally, the manufacturer of the roofing underlayment would be knowledgeable of engineered polymers. Its technical staff would work closely with polymer producers to optimize the formulas for polymers that are blended for use in roofing underlayment. The underlayment company should be intimately involved in manufacturing process and its manufacturing facilities would be dedicated to the production of roofing underlayment.

Such is the case with Tarco. Tarco underlayment is made in the most modern facilities available today in the industry. These facilities are dedicated to the production of underlayment materials. In this manner, the configuration of the underlayment can be continually improved as more is learned from the end users.

For more about the manufacture of synthetic underlayment for use in residential roofing, see Tarco's white paper “Rethinking Roofing Underlayments.”

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