Every Roof is a Billboard

Contractors Can Self-Promote with Custom Printing of Synthetic Underlayment

The ability to print on the surface of synthetic underlayment offers a substantial marketing advantage to your customers in the communities where they do business. Printing an underlayment with the roofing contractor's name, phone number and logo adds value for roofing contractors.

The neighbors notice when the name of a local roofing contractor is displayed and they do care who is doing business in their communities. So the custom printing of synthetic underlayment with the company name along with the logo and tagline of a local roofing contractor makes a lot of sense and adds value for the contractor!

Local Marketing at its Best

A roofing contractor's target market is local.

Custom printing from TARCO can help in building the reputation of a roofing contractor in the community. It speaks loudly about the roofing company, its willingness to own the roofing project and its ability to take full responsibility for the roof under installation.

For a roofing contractor, local marketing is the way to grow. And as your customers grow so does your business as a distributor of buildings products.

A Valuable Upgrade for a Nominal Fee

The same digital printing equipment that prints alignment marks and the product name on synthetic underlayment products can also be used to print contractor company names, phone numbers, logos and taglines.

UDL 50 sheet

The large-format digital printers offer big, bold graphical Images in a variety of colors. The added value is huge yet the extra cost is nominal.

Why not take advantage of it?

All that is required from the roofer is their digital logo artwork and payment of a minimal set up charge. The job can usually be set up and delivered in a timely manner, that is, in two to three weeks, depending on the size of the order and the shipping requirements. It is not "off-the-shelf" but, with a little planning, a roofing contractor can stock several weeks or months of custom printed underlayment and place a new order whenever the stock runs low.

UDL basic pallet

Custom printing is for orders of a minimum of four pallet orders because of the set up required.

Customized printing is available for the LeakBarrier EasyLay UDL product line that includes UDL 15, UDL Basic and UDL 50. The top surface of Tarco UDL underlayment is made of polypropylene, which is well suited as a substrate for printing and will hold bright colors very well. Meanwhile state-of-the art digital printing equipment allows for cost-effective printing of customized multi-colored graphics

Contact TARCO customer service for pricing and submittal instructions on digital file formats. Once an order is placed, TARCO can maintain the artwork on file and the corresponding print plate so whenever the contractor runs low on inventory and places an order, there is no delay in processing the order.

For distributors, one advantage of offering Custom Printing is that it encourages repeat business.

Custom Print Roof With Text

Every Roof is a Billboard

Tarco has been successfully supplying custom-printed synthetic underlayment for several years now.

With custom-printed EasyLay UDL underlayments, every installation serves as a billboard for the roofing contractor. The printing process is cost-effective with quick turnaround times. Along with Tarco's top-notch customer service and its superb product line of synthetic felt, the custom printing program is sure to be a favorite with your roofing contractor customers.

Pass on this marketing opportunity to your customers. They will thank you for it.

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Custom Printing


Every roof is a billboard with our custom printing program! Get our LeakBarrier EasyLay UDL Synthetic Roofing Underlayments custom printed with your company logo, phone number, website – whatever you want to promote your business! Custom printing is available for: EasyLay UDL 15, EasyLay UDL Basic & EasyLay UDL 50.

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