25RA Roof Deck Flashing

LeakBarrier® 25RA Roof Deck Flashing is a premium-grade, self-adhered SBS flashing membrane designed for superior moisture protection to seal joints and seams in the roof deck. Its advanced formulation provides robust durability and flexibility, ensuring a reliable barrier against water infiltration under extreme weather conditions. LeakBarrier 25RA Roof Deck Flashing is ideal for enhancing the integrity and longevity of both residential and commercial roofing projects, making it an essential choice for optimal roof deck protection.


Use LeakBarrier 25RA Roof Deck Flashing membrane to seal all joints and seams on a roof deck, effectively blocking water from penetrating the structure. Once the flashing membrane is applied, the roof deck can be finished with layers such as roofing felt, synthetic materials, or self-adhering underlayment products manufactured by Tarco. In the event of a primary roof compromise, LeakBarrier 25RA Roof Deck Flashing will safeguard the structure by preventing water ingress between the roof deck panels. Its specially formulated asphalt-based adhesive self-seals around common roofing fasteners like nails and staples, ensuring a watertight seal. LeakBarrier 25RA Roof Deck Flashing adheres well to a variety of roofing materials including plywood, OSB, rigid foam insulation, and metal. It can also be used to prepare a substrate for additional waterproofing applications by sealing wider joint and seam gaps. LeakBarrier 25RA Roof Deck Flashing offers a simple and cost-effective solution for enhancing the water resistance of your building’s roof deck.


  • Robust Protection: With a thickness of 25 mil, LeakBarrier 25RA Roof Deck Flashing provides excellent resistance to tears and punctures.
  • Effective Sealant: Creates a reliable, waterproof barrier that prevents water infiltration at joints, seams, and openings of the roof deck.
  • Performance Tested: Complies with and surpasses AAMA 711-13 Level 3 standards for temperature resistance.
  • Cost-Effective: An economical solution for protecting against water and moisture vapor intrusion.
  • Engineered Film: Tailored for maximum effectiveness in roofing applications.
  • Self-Seals Around Fasteners: Seals around nails and staples, effectively ensuring watertightness.
  • Strong Adhesion: Firmly bonds to a variety of roofing materials including plywood, OSB, foam board, and metal.


  • Thickness: 25 mil
  • Roll Widths and Lengths: Available in 4" and 6" widths by 75' long
  • Backing: Self-adhesive specially formulated SBS compound for enhanced waterproofing
  • Surface Film: Engineered polypropylene, which is thermally stable over a wide temperature
  • Release Liner: Removable silicon treated release liner on bottom adhesive side
  • Service Temperature: Withstands temperature of up to 230°F
  • Application Temperature: Best when applied between 40°F to 120°F


Property Result
Material Color Black/Silver
Roll Sizes 4" and 6" Widths x 75' Length
Installation Temperature 40°F or above
Service Temperature -25°F – 230°F
Roll Sizes 4" and 6" Widths x 75' Length
Tensile Strength > 367 PSI
Water Penetration Resistance around nails – Prior to thermal cycling PASS
Water Penetration Resistance around nails – After thermal cycling PASS


  • Prepare the Surface: Ensure the roof deck is clean and completely dry before application.
  • Optimal Conditions: Apply the flashing in dry conditions within the temperature range specified by product application temperature for best results.
  • Application Method: Start at the lower edge of the roof, applying the flashing so that each subsequent piece overlaps the one below it, continue up the roof deck in a weatherboard sequence for correct and effective water shedding.
  • Initial Attachment: Peel back 6 to 12 inches of the release liner, center the flashing over the seam, press it firmly onto the roof deck, and ensure it is properly aligned.
  • Progressive Installation: Gradually remove the release liner while unrolling the flashing, pressing firmly into place as you cover each roof deck joints and seam.
  • Overlap Sections: Overlap flashing sections by 4 to 6 inches. Ensure overlaps are arranged shingle-style to direct water over the lap, not beneath it.
  • Secure Adhesion: Use a hand roller to apply consistent, uniform and firm pressure across the flashing, paying particular attention to the overlaps to ensure a tight bond.
  • Final Coverage: Check building code requirements and cover LeakBarrier 25RA Roof Deck Flashing with a roofing underlayment or felt to protect against the elements.
  • Sunlight Exposure: Avoid exposing the flashing to direct sunlight for extended periods; do not exceed 90 days of direct exposure.
  • Enhanced Adhesion: For improved bonding, especially in cooler weather, use an ASTM D41 primer, water-based acrylic primer or water-based modified primer.
  • Inspection Requirement: Regularly inspect the product for any damage that might affect its capabilities.


  • Installation Information: Is used as a general guide. Always check building code requirements and product information and data before installation.
  • Material Compatibility: DO NOT install over PVC or silicone roofing materials, as the adhesive used in our products is not compatible with these substrates.
  • Installer Responsibility: It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure compatibility of the flashing with any caulks and sealants or other building materials before installation.


LeakBarrier 25RAFlashing is warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects.

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