Technical Bulletins

Tarco is pleased to present a series of technical bulletins.  Bulletins are indexed below based on product category.

For technical questions regarding Tarco products and systems including installation, specifications, and code approvals, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roll Roofing Products

» Buckling of Shingles Installed over Asphalt Saturated FeltAsphalt Saturated Felt 

LeakBarrier Self-Adhering Products

» Peel & Stick Membranes - DOs and DON'Ts
» Peel & Stick Membranes - Acceptable Substrates
» Installation of Self-Adhesive Membranes over Substrates Sprayed with Insulation Adhesives
» Buckling of Shingles Installed over Self-Adhering Underlayments
» Storage and Handling of Self-Adhering Rolls
Installation of LeakBarrier Membranes over Existing/Old Roofing Materials

LeakBarrier PS200HT Self-Adhering Underlayment

» PS200HT Back Nailing Guidelines
» PS200HT Tile Staging Guidelines
» PS200HT Exposure Limit

LeakBarrier EasyTorch APP Membranes

» EasyTorch APP Approved Substrates
» EasyTorch APP Cold Weather Precautions

LeakBarrier EasyLay HPP Underlayment

» EasyLay - Use of Tin Tag Fasteners

LeakBarrier EasyLay UDL

» EasyLay UDL Underlayment Exposures Times


Quick Reference Product Guide

Custom Printing


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