LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS – Tarco today announced two new products suitable for use as underlayment in steep-slope roofing applications. LeakBarrier® EasyLay® UDL Basic and LeakBarrier EasyLay UDL 50 are exceptionally lightweight, synthetic underlayment products. Both are suitable for shingle, shake, slate and tile applications. Additionally, because of the exceptional thermal characteristics of its polymers, UDL 50 is ideally suitable for installation beneath a metal primary roof.

EasyLay UDL Basic is a polyolefin-based synthetic underlayment and LeakBarrier EasyLay UDL 50 is a premium, synthetic membrane based on a revolutionary multi-laminate configuration.  UDL Basic and UDL 50 are in the EasyLay product line which also includes the original EasyLay asphalt saturated high-performance polyester (HPP) underlayment unique to Tarco. EasyLay UDL Basic has a 30-year Limited Warranty and EasyLay UDL 50 has a 50-year Limited Warranty.

EasyLay products are noted for their ease-of-handling. They can be mechanically attached to many substrates in new and re-roofing applications. They are lightweight and provide more coverage per roll than traditional felt.  UDL Basic weighs less than 3.5 lbs. per square and UDL 50 weighs less than 4.5 lbs. per square. All EasyLay products provide strength and durability and deliver excellent long-term weather-barrier performance. They are pre-printed lay lines for easy installation. They are resistant to algae, fungi, and mold; and can be left exposed for up to six months. They meet or exceed ASTM D226.

The multi-laminate configuration of EasyLay UDL 50 consists of a woven poly scrim beneath a nonwoven fabric with a UV stabilized polyolefinic coating. The scrim imparts high strength whereas the textured top layer is treated with a special formulation that offers unsurpassed skid resistance and enhanced walkability for the installer. The bottom side is treated with a rubberized polymeric coating to reduce slippage between the sheet and the underlying substrate. The tan color of UDL 50 presents a cooler surface during installation. UDL 50 is stable at high-temperatures and rated to withstand temperatures of 320 degrees F.  It offers good pliability and low temperature flexibility.

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