Tarco today announced LeakBarrier® EasyLay® UDL 15, an extremely lightweight, value-priced synthetic underlayment product for use as an alternative to  asphalt-saturated felt in steep-slope roofing applications.

UDL 15 is the latest and lightest addition to the LeakBarrier EasyLay UDL synthetic underlayment product line from Tarco. The UDL line also includes UDL Basic and UDL 50, which were introduced earlier this year.

Weighing less than two-and-a-half pounds per square, UDL 15 is the lightest of the group. Its nominal thickness is only eight mils (0.008 inches) yet the typical tensile strength is 70 lbf and the typical tear resistance is 25 lbf. This combination of properties represents the perfect balance between strength, lightness and value for many steep-slope applications.

One roll of UDL 15 weighs only 22 pounds (nominal weight) and yet can cover 1000 square feet (or 10 squares!). For comparison, UDL Basic weighs less than 3.5 lbs. per square and UDL 50 weighs less than 4.5 lbs. per square.

UDL 15 is made of a woven polymeric scrim that imparts strength,and a textured fabric on the upper surface for walkability. For comparison, UDL Basic is also a polyolefin-based synthetic underlayment and UDL 50 is a premium, synthetic membrane based on a multi-laminate configuration. The EasyLay product line also includes the original EasyLay asphalt saturated high-performance polyester (HPP) underlayment unique to Tarco.

UDL 15 is warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects.

“UDL 15 gives roofing contractors even more choices,” says Steve Ratcliff, President of Tarco. “Earlier this year, Tarco introduced a basic synthetic underlayment as well as a premium version. UDL 15 extends the product line on the lightweight side, providing the most area coverage for a given weight of material. It meets the demand for greater ease of handling and even better value pricing.”

All EasyLay products are noted for their ease-of-handling. They can be mechanically attached to many substrates in new and re-roofing applications.  They are lightweight and provide more coverage per roll than traditional felt.  They all provide strength and durability and deliver excellent long-term weather-barrier performance. They have pre-printed lay lines for easy installation. They are resistant to algae, fungi, and mold; and can be left exposed for up to six months. They meet or exceed ASTM D226.

For more details, contact Tarco, One Information Way, Suite 225, Little Rock, AR 72202. Phone 501-945-4506, Toll Free 800-365-4506, Fax 501-945-7718.

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