LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS – Tarco, a leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing materials for the residential and commercial roofing marketplace, today announced the launch of LeakBarrier UDL SA underlayment, a premium peel-and-stick underlayment made by bonding a polypropylene synthetic felt structure to a self-adhering modified bitumen layer.



The multi-laminate UDL SA configuration includes an aggressive modified bitumen compound that self-seals around nails and adheres to a variety of substrates; a split-back release film that can be easily removed to expose the sticky modified bitumen layer; and a top layer of synthetic.

The synthetic-felt layer is made from several components to provide a non-abrasive surface with good walkability and exceptional, long-term, weather-barrier performance. Components include a non-woven fabric, a UV stabilized coating, and a woven scrim, each fabricated from a polyolefin material. The non-woven fabric provides a non-abrasive surface with good walkability.

“UDL SA will be very popular with roofing contractors,” says Steve Ratcliff, Tarco President and Chief Executive Officer. “It combines all of the advantages of our premium peel-and-stick underlayment with many of the advantages of synthetics. It’s a cross between a premium mod bit and a synthetic felt. Contractors will no doubt discover many uses in residential roofing applications of all types.”

EasyLay UDL SA can be used in shingles, shake, slate, tile, and metal roofing applications. It is designed for steep-slope roofing, including new roofing as well as re-roofing applications. EasyLay UDL SA is ideal for use in high temperature environments. The specially formulated SBS compound has a temperature rating of 240 °F.

The synthetic layer imparts high tensile and tear strengths. UV stabilizers added to the polyolefin provide excellent UV performance, allowing for an exposure rating of six months. The anti-slip coated surface provides good walkability.

As a whole, the EasyLay UDL SA underlayment product is very pliable. It easily conforms to rooftop peaks and valleys and has a superior flexibility at low temperatures. It does not split or crack and has excellent wind resistance. Roof blow offs are eliminated.

The product includes pre-printed lay lines for easy installation. It adheres to a variety of substrates. The rugged surface is suitable for foam application of tiles. The adhesive instantly provides watertight laps. If nails are used for extra reliability, the modified bitumen self-seals around the nails.

UDL SA is provided with a 30 Year limited warranty and meets ASTM D1970.

The UDL SA rolls have a width 36 in (0.914 m) and a length 72 ft. (21.94 m) providing for a gross coverage 216 sq. ft. per roll. One roll has a weight of 50 pounds (nominal) and the thickness of the underlayment is 40 mils (nominal).  One pallet contains 25 rolls.

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