As a leading manufacturer of roll roofing and roofing underlayments, Tarco is regularly making news with its innovative products. This section is your resource for the latest about Tarco and its products and also serves as a historical record of company information and product introductions.

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This feature article in Professional Roofing magazine examines the sustainability of asphalt roofing materials. It includes a quote from Tarco's VP of Technology and Innovation.

Excerpt from article:
“According to Shaik Mohseen, vice president of technology and innovation for Tarco, Little Rock, Ark., the key raw material to make dry felt is old corrugated cardboard or recycled waste paper. Dry felt makes up about 50 percent of the raw material required for asphalt-saturated organic felt, another reason asphalt-based roof systems can be considered sustainable.”

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This feature article story walks homeowners through the challenges of reproofing a home. It presents several products that can be used for this important job. Tarco's LeakBarrier Ice and Water Armor is recommended as a layer of protection against hail, heavy rain and ice dams. A PDF of the story is presented here courtesy HANDY Magazine.

Read excerpt from article:
Ice-and-water membrane and drip edges serve as the roof's defensive line, each performing a specialized task. Ice-and-water membrane (such as Tarco's LeakBarrier) adds a second layer of protection against hail, heavy rain, water infiltration and ice dams along the eaves, your roof's most vulnerable point. And drip edges channel water into gutters to prevent it from seeping under the first row of shingles.

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This feature article by Steve Ratcliff reprinted courtesy of Roofing Contractor magazine. It reviews typical specifications over various types of decks and describes step-by-step installation of this primary roofing system. Homeowners and roofing contractors enjoy the best of both worlds with modified-bitumen products for both residential and commercial roofs. The benefits of this low-cost and easy to install roofing system are indisputable.

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