As a leading manufacturer of roll roofing and roofing underlayments, Tarco is regularly making news with its innovative products. This section is your resource for the latest about Tarco and its products and also serves as a historical record of company information and product introductions.

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Tarco Creates New Position for Technical Support regarding All Underlayment Products with Special Focus on the LeakBarrier Products Line

Tarco today announced the appointment of Raymond Lopez as Field Technical Service Manager. In this position, Ray will be responsible for the field technical support of all Tarco products with a primary focus on the LeakBarrier® product line.

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Tarco today announced coverage of two products in its LeakBarrier family of premium underlayment products. The warranty is titled the “Thirty Year Self-Adhesive Metal and Tile Underlayment Material Warranty.”

Coverage and conditions pertaining to warranty coverage are detailed in the warranty, which is available on the Tarco Website. The warranty applies to any of Tarco’s three self-adhering, metal and tile roofing underlayment products, including PS200MU and PS200HT.

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Cautious Homeowners Request Thick, Tough Membranes beneath Shingles to Prevent Disastrous Moisture Penetration Caused by Faulty Design

In the aftermath of one of the snowiest winters on record, many homeowners are now calling on roofing contractors to assess the damage from those darn ice dams and negotiating with the contractors about how to best remedy the situation. And they are finding out that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the subject.

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PS200MU is a premium, high temperature, self-adhering, modified bituminous underlayment with non-abrasive polyolefinic upper surface with good walkability

Tarco today announced LeakBarrier PS200MU Ice and Water Armor, a self-adhesive, glass fiber reinforced, modified bituminous underlayment especially for metal roofing. It helps protect a building’s deck or internal structure against leaks caused by ice and water damming and wind-driven rain.

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