PS200MULeakBarrier® PS200MU Ice and Water Armor is a self-adhesive, glass fiber reinforced, modified bituminous roofing underlayment designed for use under metal roofing. Manufactured using a polyolefinic film on the upper side, this unique film laminate is non-abrasive and has anti-skid properties that provide good walkability. PS200MU is specially formulated for use in high temperature environments.

For an ideal alternative product, try LeakBarrier® NR600 Ultra.


LeakBarrier® PS200MU Ice and Water Armor helps to protect a building’s deck or internal structure against leaks caused by ice and water damming and wind-driven rain. Ideally suited for use under metal roofing. It is also an excellent choice as an underlayment for shingles, slate, and mechanically attached tiles. PS200MU is highly effective in critical roofing areas such as valleys, ridges, coping joints, chimneys, vents, dormers, skylights, and low-slope sections.

For an ideal alternative product, try LeakBarrier® NR600 Ultra.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective sheet
  • Clean, easy to handle, self-adhering application
  • Specially formulated SBS with 250°F temperature rating
  • Polymer modified asphalt gives excellent pliability
  • UV resistant film surface
  • Anti-skid treatment allows for good walkability
  • Exceptionally durable - High tensile and tear strengths
  • Glass fiber reinforcement imparts high dimensional stability
  • Adheres to a variety of substrates
  • Membrane lays flat and resists wrinkling for ease of application
  • 60-day exposure allows for long term dry in
  • Split-back release film peels off for easy installation and handling
  • Instant watertight laps
  • Self-seals around nails
  • Meets ASTM D1970
  • Miami-Dade County Approval NOA No. 12-0420.02
  • ICC-ES ESR-2116
  • Florida Building Code FL 10450-R4
  • UL Prepared Roofing File No. 16744


  • PS200MU rolls must be stored indoors, in a dry location.
  • Rolls must be stored on end only. Do not store in a leaning position.
  • The rolls must be protected from the elements. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Store rolls at room temperature. Prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures may reduce the adhesive characteristics of the material.

General Precautions

  • Install PS200MU only when material interface temperatures (air, deck, material) are 40ºF and rising.
  • Do not install when any form of moisture such as water, ice, snow, dew, rain, etc. is present.
  • Ensure roof has proper drainage prior to installation.
  • Proper ventilation is critical. When applying over the entire roof deck, the roofing system must provide sufficient ventilation, including both ridge and soffit venting.
  • A full, irreversible adhesion is achieved when the underlayment goes through a complete heat cycle. Do not attempt to remove the underlayment immediately after adhesion to the substrate.
  • Use of a hand-held "hot air gun" might help in enhancing the adhesion during application of underlayment in cooler weather.
  • PS200MU shall not be used in adhesive (foam) set tile applications.
  • Not recommended for extreme high temperature environments such as under copper or zinc metal roofing.
  • PS200MU must be covered with a finished roof covering within the specified exposure time of the product. Refer to the section on Features and Benefits for exposure time.

Surface Preparation

  • Surface must be clean, dry, and without voids, that may interfere with adhesion.
  • For re-roofing, all old roofing and other loose materials must be removed prior to installation.
  • Acceptable substrates for adhesion of LeakBarrier membranes can be found at the Tarco website.
  • For best results, surface may be primed with an ASTM D41 Primer before installation of PS200MU. When primer is used, ensure the primer is fully dry prior to application of PS200MU.

Application Guidelines

  • Cut PS200MU roll to suitable, manageable lengths before installation.
  • Place a full width piece of the pre-cut sheet on the substrate, parallel to the eave edge of the roof.
  • Align the sheet so that it is parallel with the edge of the eave and extend over the eave and rake approximately 3/8".
  • Fold back the sheet, and remove the exposed release film, taking care not to displace the sheet.
  • Working from the center out, roll the sheet onto the substrate, taking care to avoid wrinkles and ridges. Sheet must be set straight. Repeat this process for the remaining half of the sheet.
  • Apply a 1/16" thick layer of asphalt plastic cement over the eave and rake metal drip edges extending 2" to 3" onto the deck surface where the roll will intersect.
  • Apply the next eave course in the same manner overlapping the first course at the end lap by 6".
  • Lap the succeeding course over the lap area.
  • Apply succeeding courses in like manner, as in steps above.
  • Stagger the end laps a minimum 3’ from the preceding course.
  • Install capped or tin tagged nails 6 inches on center in the middle of the side lap or fasten according to applicable Building Code.
  • At the T-Joint (where an end lap and next overlapping course intersect), apply a bead of roofing lap cement before the overlapping course is laid.
  • Roll the entire membrane surface, paying special attention to side laps, end laps and T-joints. Roller weight shall be 70 lb. minimum for low slope (≤2:12 pitch) and 28 lb. minimum for steep slope (>2:12 pitch).


Property Typical Value Reference Test
Tensile Strength, MD 34 lbf/in ASTM D1970
Tensile Strength, XMD 28 lbf/in ASTM D1970
Elongation, mod. bit. portion 10% min. ASTM D1970
Adhesion to plywood @ 40°F 2 lbs/ft of width ASTM D1970
Adhesion to plywood @ 75°F 20 lbs/ft of width ASTM D1970
Thermal Stability, max. 0.1 inch ASTM D1970
Flexibility temperature -20° F ASTM D1970
Tear Resistance, MD & XMD 20 lbf ASTM D1970
Slip Resistance Pass ASTM D1970
Moisture vapor permeance 0.1 U. S. Perm or Less ASTM D1970
Sealability around nail Pass ASTM D1970
Waterproof integrity Pass ASTM D1970

Product Data

Width 36 in.
Length 66 ft. 8 in.
Thickness 48 mil (nominal)
Gross Coverage 2 Squares
Weight 50 lbs. (nominal)


Tarco Specialty Products, Inc. offers a 30 year Limited Warranty.

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